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Centrifugally Cast Concrete Relining

Culvert Centrifugal Spray Relining for Rio Tinto

Implementing a much-needed solution doesn't mean operations have to stop. Together with Yurra, we used our expertise to ensure no downtime.

The Deepdale Line services some of Rio Tinto’s most significant mines in the Pilbara, Western Australia and is vital to keep work continuing on the company’s sites. Late in 2017, Rio Tinto needed to reline two culvert locations along the Deepdale Line but stopping train service to complete the much-needed work was not an option.

Working closely with our Indigenous Partner, Yurra Aaro were engaged by Rio Tinto to find a solution. We utilised CentriPipe, which is a Centrifugally Cast Concrete solution that structurally refurbishes the host pipe.

The CentriPipe system is a trenchless technology which meant that the rail network could continue to operate and the site works caused absolutely no downtime. With a focus on long-term value-led solutions, CentriPipe is stronger than a corrugated steel counterpart, meaning it will last longer and need fewer repairs. The two culvert locations consisted of two 1500mm diameter and three 3100mm diameter culverts.



Rio Tinto


Pilbara, WA

Project Duration

4 Months

Project Start

October 2017

Project Finish

January 2018


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$890kBHP Culvert Remediation Phase 4Centrifugally Cast Concrete Relining
Aaro experts were on hand to refurbish a culvert at BHP's Yandi Mine, that if it had collapsed could have been costly to their operations.
Yandi, WA

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