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CCTV Survey Inspection

Inspections of pipeline and drainage systems is vital for effective and efficient problem solving. Pipeline video inspection is a functional and versatile inspection method.

Pipeline Video Inspection

With a wide range of CCTV systems available and operators who are pipeline experts, Aaro is one of the most trusted pipeline inspection companies. Using this non-invasive technology, we find problems fast. Our team can carry out CCTV Survey Inspections on stormwater, wastewater and water reticulation networks. 

Cost-effective Pipeline Inspection

Using robotic CCTV inspection units, we can inspect pipe systems without the requirement of a confined space entry, isolation, or cleaning for faster, seamless pipeline inspections. Regular expert inspections can uncover potential system weaknesses and our Aaro experts can respond quickly with preventative maintenance. Our systems can travel up to 300m in pipes that are up to 2500mm in diameter.

Expert Diagnosis and Cure

We don’t just find problems – we solve them. Our trained staff have the technical expertise to report on problems and immediately offer a trusted solution. With access to a large machinery fleet and a team of 100, we can quickly respond to our findings and minimise downtime.

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One group, many services

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