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High-Pressure Jetting

Many complications can stop a pipeline system from working at optimum. High-pressure pipe cleaning performed by our experts can solve a range of difficulties quickly and efficiently.

Pipe Jetting as a Solution

We’ve got years of experience using high-velocity water jetting systems for high-pressure pipe cleaning of sewers, stormwater pipes and culverts. Our team use pipe jetting to clear blockages, degrease systems, perform stormwater and sewerage maintenance and remove roots, debris and encrustation. Our specialised nozzles allow our experienced team to clean a variety of systems and respond quickly to get the job done on time, every time.

Meet Our Fleet

In the Aaro fleet, our vehicles have been engineered to offer high pressure pipe cleaning effectively no matter the size of job or situation of the site. Each pipe jetting vehicle is fitted with hydraulically controlled rotating nozzles, high pressure rotating head nozzles, 5,000 L water tanks, 250m of hose and three-stage pumps.

Expert Advice 24/7

Our trained staff have the technical expertise to offer trusted solutions that are backed by decades of civil construction knowledge. With access to specialist machinery and a 24/7 emergency team, we respond quickly to provide our clients increased value. 

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One group, many services

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