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Centrifugally Cast Concrete Relining

50 Year Design Life on 5.75m Tunnel Refurbishment

We were asked to structurally reline a 5.75m diameter multi-plate culvert and were able to provide the client a cost saving alternative and still achieved the 50 year design life requirement.

As a part of a larger overall maintenance package, Aaro was asked to structurally reline this twin barrel 5.75m dia multi-plate tunnel originally installed in the 1960’s.  Upon inspection of the structure, it was evident that this larger tunnel could be fully ‘relined’ using our Centripipe product but an alternative was also investigated, to try and provide a more economical solution for the client.

On this project, the client Yurra, was looking for a 50 year solution for the refurbishment of this culvert.  As part of our assessment, we took into account the geotechnical considerations specific to the location, live rail loading and a condition assessment of the insitu structure.  Once this was all known and modelled, we were able to come up with a design that not only dealt with the deteriorated tunnel sections, but also took into account the shear forces that are required to be addressed when not completing a full structural reline.  Ultimately, the alternative proposed with the engineering submitted with our proposal was accepted by the client.

On site we had to deal with a very remote location and tight access requirements with very strong environmental and heritage controls on site.  Together with all stakeholders, we were able to establish a site layout design and Traffic Management Plan to mitigate any of the tight environmental and heritage risks that were in close proximity to this site.  Planning on material delivery into a site like this is something that requires a lot of communication and planning. Especially when you’re 1500km away from home and you don’t have phone reception on site, but our Perth and Pilbara teams were able to work together on making this process as close to seamless as possible.

Upon completion of the lining works, we were asked by the client as an addition to the contract, to fix some of the culvert access issues and complete some embankment repairs so that all works are completed and the rail civil maintenance team did not have to make another re-mobilisation to site.

All in all, a successful project from our end where we were able to save the client money, while still delivering to the required specification.  With all stakeholders walking away from the project with a positive experience.



Yurra / Rio Tinto


Pilbara, WA

Project Duration

1 month

Project Start

November 2018

Project Finish

December 2018


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Implementing a much-needed solution doesn't mean operations have to stop. Together with Yurra, we used our expertise to ensure no downtime.
Pilbara, WA

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