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Point Patch Repairs

With a wealth of experience maintaining pipelines, we offer the most effective and efficient repair solutions. point patch repair is a proactive method that structurally repairs individual points within a pipe, instead of rehabilitating the entire length of pipe.

Pipe Patching

We believe that expert solutions and increased value go hand in hand. Point patch repairs allow our team to use trenchless technology to make quality repairs quickly with minimal disruption at a much lower cost. Environmentally friendly and able to make many repairs, point patch repair technology can require as little as one expert operator, making it an extremely viable option.

The Pipeline Experts

At Aaro, our technology is backed by years of experience, and we’re experts in our field.  From construction to maintenance, our dedicated team have a deep understanding of point patch repairs in sewer and stormwater networks. With dedicated project managers, civil construction capabilities and daily reporting, we’re able to manage your project from beginning to end — and deliver exceptional results.

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One group, many services

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