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UV CIPP Relining

Minimal intervention for maximum results. Ultraviolet Cured in Place Pipe (UV CIPP) relining is one of the pipe relining technologies we use to refurbish ageing infrastructure.

Cured In Place Pipelines

At Aaro, we love creating value for our clients and UV CIPP relining is one method we use to do just that. This process can significantly extend the life of aging and deteriorated pipelines and culverts without excavating or replacing the existing asset. Using the UV CIPP relining method, we offer a 100-year minimum design life on the installation of the product.

The CIPP Lining Technology

As one of the most trusted UV CIPP relining companies, we strengthen pipelines and culverts using an epoxy resin liner that’s cured in place by ultraviolet light and heat. During curing, the liner instantaneously hardens against the host pipe, restoring the structure and extending the asset to near-new condition.

Pipeline Relining Specialists

At Aaro, our technology is backed by years of experience, and we’re experts in our field.  From construction to maintenance, our dedicated team have a deep understanding of sewer, drainage and water reticulation networks. With dedicated project managers, civil construction capabilities and daily reporting, we’re able to manage your project from beginning to end — and deliver exceptional results.

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One group, many services

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