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Centrifugally Cast Concrete Relining

Using Centripipe technology, our experts can extend the life of an existing culvert or structure while minimising costs for our clients. That’s a win-win.

Spin Cast Pipe Relining

Replacing and removing existing pipeline, culverts and drainage systems is a costly process. Centripipe is a innovative technology that structurally refurbishes culverts and drainage assets— without a complete system overhaul. Using this method, our experts can refurbish assets from 900mm up to 5m in diameter while saving money and minimising disruption to operations.

Culvert and Drainage Structure Repair

A trusted solution, Centripipe has been used globally for over 20 years. It is an environmentally sound option that provides highly effective corrosion protection and effective sealing. It’s perfect for the harsh yet fragile environments of North West Australia and beyond.

The Pipeline Experts

At Aaro, our technology is backed by years of experience, and we’re experts in our field.  From construction to maintenance, our dedicated team have a deep understanding of sewer, drainage and water reticulation networks. With dedicated project managers, civil construction capabilities and daily reporting, we’re able to manage your project from beginning to end — and deliver exceptional results.

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Primus Line

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One group, many services

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