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UV CIPP Relining

Culvert UV Relining for Rio Tinto Rail

When Rio Tinto needed to reline three culvert locations, we helped them get back on track with emergency expertise and knowledge.

Rio Tinto came to us with a complex problem; they need to reline three culvert locations on the Deepdale line in the Pilbara. Using our knowledge from completing other works at this site, Aaro worked with our Indigenous Partner, Yurra, to find a solution.

Using the latest technology at the time, Aaro and Yurra were able to refurbish a 750mm diameter culvert using relining technology from Germany. This technology uses a UV Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Liner that comes pre-impregnated with the correct amount of resin and stays sealed in a delivery bag throughout the curing process, making this an environmentally friendly relining solution.

Along with benefiting the environment, this method of relining limits the amount of time our team had to spend on manual pipe entry. To achieve this re-lining method successfully, we used the Prokasro Lining Unit for the first time, and we’re 100% successful in meeting quality standards and project deadlines.



Rio Tinto


Pilbara, WA

Project Duration

2 Months

Project Start

November 2017

Project Finish

December 2017


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