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Robotic Cutting

At Aaro, we prepare pipeline systems with robotic cutting equipment and complete rehabilitation offering end-to-end solution.

Robotic Cutting for Maintenance

Robotic cutting is completed using various types of cutting robots that reduces disruption and increases effectiveness without the need for excavation. It is the ideal preparation method for pipeline rehabilitation.

The Optimum Cutter

Precision and skill are required to use our high-tech robots to effectively remove any intrusions and grind deposits, including concrete and reinforcement protrusions. Our experts use robotic cutters with CCTV equipment to plot exact locations of obstructions and provide immediate feedback on the actual damage to the asset once it is removed.

Real-Time Resolution

As pipeline experts, we’re able to present cost-effective and trusted solutions. Plus, with access to specialist machinery and a 24/7 emergency team, we can implement solutions quickly to offer our clients increased value.

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One group, many services

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