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Repairs to Royal Street Sewer Pump Station

While repairing a damaged pipe on a working Sewer Pump Station, our experts discovered a damaged wet well and Pump Station. Aaro was able to refurbish all three assets to a high standard in just two weeks.

When a joint failed at the Royal Street Sewer Pump Station in Kenwick, it affected wastewater efficiency for the area. The Perth Regional Alliance called the Aaro team in for a repair backed by years of experience.

Initially, the repair was to the damaged DN375 pipe. However, on further investigation, the pipe sleeve into the wet well required refurbishment as well. Aaro completed both repairs while working under isolation and management of the systems flows through a mobile pump branch was needed.

Adding to the complexity of the job, Aaro was required to refurbish the underside of the Pump Station building as it had sustained significant damage over the years. Our team delivered on time, completing all three repairs and refurbishments in just two weeks.



Perth Regional Alliance


Kenwick, WA

Project Duration

1 Month

Project Start

July 2017

Project Finish

July 2017

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