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UV CIPP Relining

Refurbishment of DN1520 Stormwater Pipe

A challenging site that needed an innovative solution. Luckily for Hutchinson Civil, we had experts and equipment that could refurbish a 100m long section of pipeline — and work around a cyclone.

In February, Aaro were asked to refurbish a 100m long section of a DN1520 stormwater pipe without any excavation. But that wasn’t the only challenge. The Yeerongpilly Green Development was in an environmentally sensitive marshland area, and Cyclone Oma began to form as we started the project. Instead of seeing challenges, our experts saw opportunities and created a plan.

Due to the site constraints, we deemed that the best solution to ensure a structural rehabilitation of the pipe with no excavation was to install our UV GRP CIPP Liner.  This technology uses a UV Cured Liner that comes pre-filled with the correct amount of resin and stays sealed in a delivery bag throughout the curing process, making this an environmentally friendly relining solution.

During the preliminary investigation process, we discovered that the headwall outlet ran into dense marshland on the Brisbane River. To manage this, our team built a coffer dam to give the site crew access to the end of the liner, while still dealing with the oncoming king tides.

Putting the environment first, we had to utilise bog mats to ensure that the impact on the surrounding marshland was minimal. For the works, we used a 100t crane to assist in minimising the damage to the surrounding trees.



Hutchinson Civil


Yeerongpilly, QLD

Project Duration

1 Month

Project Start

February 2019

Project Finish

February 2019


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$420kCulvert and Pipeline RehabilitationUV CIPP Relining
Distance was no issue to the Aaro experts who travelled through Regional WA relining culverts under the Arc Infrastructure Rail Network.
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