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Emergency Culvert Rectification for Rio Tinto Rail

Emergency works are never as simple as they seem. Together with Yurra, Aaro was able to supply an end to end solution for repairing a collapsed culvert that included additional earthworks and grouting by hand.

Aaro and their Indigenous Partner, Yurra completed emergency works for Rio Tinto to sleeve a collapsed corrugated steel culvert with a new steel pipe.

Aaro was required to push the steel sleeve through the existing culvert from the short side of the collapsed area. Excess material was excavated, and high pressure jetted through the culvert. Once the steel pipe was in place, each end of the culvert was capped and grouted by hand, with the void then being grout filled by use of a pump. Aaro then poured an in-situ headwall for the culvert.

Aaro was also required to complete additional earthworks on the access track and two rail crossings.



Rio Tinto


Karratha, WA

Project Duration

2 Months

Project Start

December 2017

Project Finish

January 2018
Project image

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One group, many services